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Brandon Adamson, Summer 2010

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Rabbit’s Foot (E/N)

Black Sunday
Hard Reset
Plenty of Fedfish in the Sea
Just One of the Goys
Pine Tar Rules
We’re Leaving Beards in the 2010s

The Women of Chrono Trigger
Misanthropic Meditations on the Parkway

Jostle Magazine (creative writing / abstract / culture)

The Hand of Calibos
Beyond the Ice Cream Sea
A Glow In the Dark Neverland
Mining For Elizabeth
Pageless Wonders
Elevated Anxieties
The Platinum Plated Toilet
Airlock Confessions
Two Truths and a Lie
‘N Synchronicity

They Live in Scottsdale
The Pseudo-Intellectual Dividend
Starbucks Girl
The Gleaming Crest
Shazam! Man
Cyber Monday – Then and Now
Desert Dolphins
Zap! Friday
Zack’s Friday
The Invisible Luck
Birthday Boy 22nd Anniversary Edition

Having a Bontempi Sound
Chrono Trigger, An Unconventional Model For Monarchy

Taki’s Magazine (politics, culture)

Little Selfies on Hogwash Mountain

The Autistic Mercury (politics, culture)

Don’t Fear the Ratio – A Tribute to Sonic the Sacrificial Hedgehog
Cucked In Space: A Curious Look At What’s Poppin’ On the Orville (politics, culture)

Pinksheet Yang
Over the Borderline With Bernie
YangGang and the “Jumping In” of Andrew Yang
Yang Time!
Yangster’s Paradise

Introducing… Jostle Magazine
The Nail In the Coffin
The Lighter Side of the Black Pill
The Dumbest Political Junk Mail I’ve Ever Received
The Drab Gab
For Sinematic Effect
Are “Democratic Socialists” Closet Neoreactionaries?
Postcards From New Suburbia II
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
Mortal Recall
Birthday Boy 22nd Anniversary Edition
“American” Apparel Returns to Insult Everyone’s Intelligence
“Buddy Holly” and the Crickets of Weezereaction
The Truth About “Mystery Shoppers”
Off the Top
People Who Hate Each Other Against the War
Belief in Protecting a Particular Society Can Protect a Particular Society
Tulsi Gabbard 2020 (or 2024) or Whom Would Magnum P.I. Vote For?
Governor Breck Reconsidered
Brassless Balls
Rose McGowan – “Hateful” in a Flash
The Hand is Pinker Than the Eye
Hooked on Animatronics

5 Rad Christmas Jams
Skirting the Issue With Tara McCarthy
4 Reasons to Consider Squeezing Into a Micro Apartment
Journey to Vapor Island
Arguments and Blueprints
Looking a High Horse Rider in the Mouth
A Case For Catalan Independence
Postcards From New Suburbia
The Far Side of the Mooncoin
Official Response to Trump’s Remarks on the AltLeft
Because We Live HERE (and Not On the Korean Peninsula)
People Don’t Think Universal Basic Income Be Like It Is but It Do
The Card in the Coin Return
No, Soy is Not “Feminizing” the West
The Outer Limits of an Ideological Future
Nicole Sund Takes a Stab at Debunking Vaccine Myths
Revisiting The Wicker Man
Pool’s Processing
Cherry 2015 – If Loving A Fembot Is Artificial, I Don’t Want To Be Genuine
The Scapegoat Generation – A Half-Hearted Defense of Boomers
An Aversion to Quagmires – A Collective Desertion Toward Our Future
Minding Our Own Business – The “Official” Foreign Policy of the AltLeft
Lost in Secret Dreams
Tumblerine Dreams
Strange Bedfellows – Defending Milo
The Other Mayans
Dust On the Moon
A Time Beneath the Surface
Backpage’s Greatest Hits

The AltLeft “Tea Party”
Porky’s Pathological Altruism
How to Recognize the Signs That You Work For a Corporate Cult (and Still Enjoy the Free Snacks!)
Fedora Nationalism
You Can’t Salute That on Television!
Building Deserted Media Empires – One Microblog at a Time
The Safety Pin Dance
Last Minute Reflections On a Dime Store Election
Death Wish For Killer Whales
From Slacker to Shitlord – Confessions of a Reluctant Generation X “Activist”
The Unreality of “Non-Racist” Race Realism
Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle For Maximum Political Autonomy
A Proposal to Go Away
Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either
Blood, Soil and Food Courts
A Framework For Identity
AltLeft in the National News
Amalgamy Bears
Postcards From Xenophobia – Black Pill Summer
Lousy Human Bastards
Curiouser and Obscuriouser
A Short Trip Through The Long View
Doing Lines for Trump
Decoded Transmissions and Receiving Mixed Signals
Would You Pay a Penny to Save a Woman Who Thinks Differently?

The Most Dangerous Intersections
Remembering to Return Our Videotapes
AltLeft Charades
A Clockwork Greenshirt – Introducing the Alt Left (politics)

No Enemies to the White
Cuckservative Inc Stock is Tanking ($CUCK)
The Elfbrand Manifesto
Cuckelodeon – Then and Now
When Dream Worlds Collide – Right Futurists vs. Little House on The Praireactionaries and 9/11 Truthers
Reflections of an “Anonymous Coward”
Reactionary Pinball
How Radical Feminists Affect Race Relations Among Cisgendered Males
Neoreactionary Miracles on Ice
Chrono Trigger, An Unconventional Model For Monarchy
Starship Troopers – An Unintentionally Great Film Advertisement for “Fascism”
The Resistance to White Genocide is Made Up of Phantoms
Putting an End to the Despicable Practice of “Racist Shaming”
How PC Overreach and Modern Black Behavior Radicalized Generation X Whites

The American “Black Privilege” Check Card, Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Aryan Skynet (Politics, Culture, Humor)

The Experts

Beatnik Fascism (music / film / pop culture / politics)

Ben Arzate – The Story of the Y

The Blankz – Getting Over You
One Week 20 Years Ago
I Dreamed a World and Called It Love
XOXOXO – Fornicate
Lyrics Of Two – Summer Song (Hey Hey)
Wayne Butane – Dead Monkey Arcade
Ben Arzate – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saying Goodbye
The Interplanetary Acoustic Team – 11 11 (Me, Smiling)
Terry Milla – It’s Bangindo
Pagan Interface – Neuromantic Chillwave For the Post Apocalypse
Love Ghost – 24-7
The Blankz – (I Just Want to) Slam
Console Clone – Rewind Mankind
Brielle Monique – Hallucinate
Phteven Universe – Space Parachute
Chedda Cheese – Growing up in the 90s
The Blankz – White Baby
King Trode – Space Parachute
Ezra Jordan – 10 Miles a Minute
Grayson Erhard – Earthship – EP
Summy – Sus
Ice Creme – Cotton Candy
Natalie Lucassian – 12:26
vRANZEL X KENDRICK – Texas Sagebrush
Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic.
Good Boy Daisy – Too Hard to Love
Ben Arzate – The Sky is Black and Blue Like a Battered Child
Little Fevers – Beaches
Echosmith – Cool Kids
Treasure Mammal – Missed Connections
Phteven Universe
The Cucumbers – My Boyfriend
Magic Wands – Jupiter
SYBS – Motivation
TJ Leonard – Roadtrip
Steven Chera – The Classic Standards

J.W. Schuller – Caterpillars
Rainy Day Crush – I’m Still Alive EP
Audiobreeze – Chapter X
Voluptas Mors
Nega Blast X – Dark Matter
Foolish Ed – Never the Same
Luna 13 – Devourer of Light EP
Purejoypeople – Southern Part of Heaven EP
Nega Blast X – We Want to Rock
Liar’s Lantern – 3 Albums
Timi Alexander
Elizabeth Anne Mall – Vivre
Man From Object: R525L – First Contact
Ambervision and The Amber Age of Infomercials
The Wyatt Act – Hong
Untitled Art – Philly to Long Branch (part 2)
Sam Rochford – So Easy
Kozie – Fly
Magazine Gap – Ran For Cover
These Young Fools – Awake
Pauline Frechette – Come Away With Me

Gilbert Engle – 2015 Jazz Fusion One
Cranky George – Fat Lot of Good
Morrow’s Memory – Take Control
6 Shots
Flip That Script
Gentle Healing
Taking Aiym
Deep Into Blue
Lizzy Small’s Music Continues to Defy Gravity
Dan Mclean Jr. – I’ve Seen Love

Catalina Shortwave – Radio Voodoo – Songs From the Dark End of the Dial
Joining the Club
March To May
Never Send a Man to Do a Woman Realtor’s Job
Democracy’s Dissidents
If Job Interviews Rewarded People For Honesty…

Weekend at Bernie Journey’s
Forms Of Childhood Trauma That Only Imaginative 80′s Kids Could Appreciate
The Gutsy And The Impractical
The Future of the Civilized World vs. Those Pesky Birthrates
Going Down The Rabbit Hole With Bill Clinton
Contractions In The Universe
Top 10 Worst Movie And Television Remakes of All Time
Bud Bowl Memories – The Time It Was For Real
Cherry 2015 – If Loving A Fembot Is Artificial, I Don’t Want To Be Genuine
Taylor’s Comet
Most Heartbreaking Los Angeles Rams Losses (Part 3)

Most Heartbreaking Los Angeles Rams Losses (Part 2)
Most Heartbreaking Los Angeles Rams Losses (Part 1)
Intellivision, Intelligent Television
New Chicago
Travel From Other Solar Systems…A Bridge Too Far?
Riding Shotgun With Jay Jacobson
Sakas In the Movies
Puppet Masters Of Evil Noise
Subterralien Nation
Secret Treasure Discovered In Wooden Hut
Don’t Cut Out of Here Till We Get On Cloud 9.
Good Sports
We’ll Get Rid Of The Losers and Bring On The Cruisers
Once Upon A Time… There Was This Clueless Recruiter
Mugshots Smugshots
Your MKII Finishing Move Would Be a “Babe-ality”
How to Recognize the Signs That You Work For a Corporate Cult (and Still Enjoy the Free Snacks!)

It’s Not Just A Job, It’s an Adventure
A Not So unRealistic RadioShack Comeback

Running the Gauntlet
Scenes From a Mallrat
A Continual Interest In the Sun and Sea
We Called Him Tortoise Because He Taught Us
Surviving Tempe
Could The Donald Be America’s Trump Card?
Where have you gone Stanley H Brasloff? (sung to the tune of Mrs. Robinson)
New Sign of The Zodiac, No Sign Of The Zodiac Killer
Every Chewy One Is Real Fruity Fun

Blank to the Future
The Most Depressing Show in the World – Andrew W.K.
Do you remember back in old L.A. (oh-oh-oh!) when everybody drove a Chevrolet?
Creepy Comeback
Monsters From the Id
Chariots of the Gods
What ever happened to Robert Sutherland Telfer?
Tempe Girls vs. Scottsdale Girls
In Praise of the Wishy Washy Girl
She Comes in Colors Everywhere…She Combs Her Hair
Gold Man Sakas
The Coin of the Realm

V The Unoriginal Series
Las Vegas is My Dream Town

Sometimes We’re Just Bad News
The Stepford Wives and The Men Who Love Them

“Mother Teresa” – A Camgirl on Sex and Religion
Rumors of a Popular Cam Girl’s Death (diary, occasional essays, E/N scene)

New Forms

Guard Well This iPad, For One Day…
Stamped .925 but Sticks to a Magnet!
21st Century Nightmares

Vietnam Style Flashbacks
Capture the Red Flag
20 Fun Facts About Brandon Adamson
Invisibility Cloak
Off With His Head
Have a Blue Christmas, in Las Vegas Part II
Have a Blue Christmas, in Las Vegas Part I

I Need to Start a Family Soon
Literally 12 years later
Adventures in Art Collecting

2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
I Still Hate Overly Cheerful Employees
Take it out to Pomona and let ’em know
Don Lapre and Visions of Canals on Mars
Adult Swim / Cannonball
Can You Taste It?
Fun All Summer Long
The Empathy Test
Back to the Future From 1985
Brandon in Wasteland II
Brandon in Wasteland
fly away with me sky girl
This can’t be the way the world ends
The Summer That Never Was
Charlie Don’t Surf the Net!
Coldfront III
Coldfront part II
Coldfront Music Festival
Soundwave Music Festival 2011
Lost in Austin
SXSW 2011
Music Video Shot on Polaroid Spectra Film
Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of A Bomb
As someday it must happen that a victim must be found
Has Obama Gone Neocon?
Las Vegas/CES

300 Sparse Ones
The familiar taste of Corn Flakes
Shady Tree and His Acorns
fall and all
pay me now or pay me escalator
Tin Drum
night halloween
Out in the wild
Deadly is the female. Nothing deadlier is known to man
21st century misogyny
I don’t sleep. I hate those little slices of death.
Rubbish Heap
I Hate HD
ask the dust
Tony Curtis, RIP.
feeble screams, fever dreams
The Last Lois Lane
Making It Through Kustoms
They’re Playing With Fire
You’re Holding Your Rabbit All Wrong
72 Hours
I wonder about these things
“We’re not in wonderland anymore, Alice.”- Charles Manson
I’ve got dreams to remember
smiling faces all around, rushin’ through the busy town
Joltin Joe has left and gone away
Mister Blue
Las Vegas, loner style
Driving like a maniac. Support those who support it.
Where have all the graveyards gone? Gone to Flowers every one…
beneath the extended para-para-parasol!
Don’t cut out of here till we get on Cloud 9.
The Friends Route
Beyond the Sea
Your room is like your personality exploded all over the place
Then Buster!…You’re General Custer!
The Pigkeeper’s Daughter
checkmate in three moves in your heyday, but…
Big League Chew
white shoes / black shoes
One Hart Too Many
The Accidental Manwhore
Summer of Like
Tennis Balls and Mirror Mazes
The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort.
Rectangles and Clouds
The other summer, in Arizona I was sentenced to the chair…
On the other hand, it’s the only way you’ll discover that I’m the good guy in this story
creepy comeback
The Perils of Vampirism
Guard well this shield. For one day it will guard your life
The Antimatter Formula
lonely are the brave
the naming of cats is a difficult matter
Monsters From the Id
Chariots of the Gods
What ever happened to Robert Sutherland Telfer?
No single gum double freshens your mouth like….
but it was just my imagination ….running away with me
losers please sign in
Let’s not question our flesh for wanting to remain flesh
i’ve been passing time watching trains go by
Antihistamine Dreams
Edward not for long
Return to the Forbidden City
city connection was a game for nintendo
I’d be a fool not to know I’m a fool
men on the make can go jump in the lake
SXSW Redux
Never a lightning rod salesman around when you need one
Gold Man Sakas
The Lost Boy in Austin
in like flynn
one little two little three little indians
3 hours sleep
not quite the opposite of north by northwest
I am so dead they’re going to have to bury me twice – Corey Haim, RIP
martin van ruin
The authentic cool of the elders
If the dog wouldn’t have stopped to shit he would’ve caught the rabbit
Time Machine Daydream
the coin of the realm
The Virtues of Being a Number
Once, Twice, Three Times, I’d put a baby in Lady Gaga
no luggage, merely a carry on
ivana hump ivana trump
what would bugsy siegel say?

The endangered species carousel
he’ll remember that number
You say “Boff a” I say bofa…(neither IRL)
You mean you have to use your hands?
I take “dram”amine, you take “drama”mine
Miss California Rules!
the asshole on the side of the freeway
diary of a wandering recluse
turning dreams into glass and virtual concrete
you say sabotäge, I say sabotage

The Fallout From Fallout 3
Flagstaff 3.. in 3d
planet plutonium
a lost mariner for whom black pearls are not sufficient
the sacred scrolls
Halloween Skeptic

the crying game

she said it was all make-believe….but I thought that she said maple leaves
the red white and blue…oh the funny things you do
illusion of gaia
Sunday Always Comes Too Late
Endless Summer
animal crackers in my soup… monkeys and rabbits loop the loop
Dustbowl Refugee

Sometimes we’re the Bad News Bears, sometimes we’re just bad news..
Bedtime Story
Lost Andjealous, CA

expirefish vs. snapnames

Cici’s mysterious dream
“Mother Teresa”: A camgirl on sex and religion
Spanish article bashes nay and others
with the quickness
Michelle: “I want to Netmeet Cici Naked”
Bumfights: a cause for concern indeed
Music Labels Plant Online Decoys
The Return of Palses Forums
A Thief in the Night
Ricky and the fake Chelle
Just say later to Gator
Mysterious car in camgirl’s driveway
Chelle’s wishlist woes
How about into the ‘now?
Chelle’s new haircut makes three
Internet Radio is Dead?
Rumors of a Popular Camgirl’s Death
Gamefaqs legend Pupitre launches internet newsletter
When guys really aren’t nice
Ruca creates unprecedented “suntan journal”
Avril Lavigne Makes Derogatory Remarks Regarding “ho” Britney
A Camgirl On Current Affairs
Nay Gets a Tattoo
Sianews rides out the storm
Webpig Lives…and owns camlives
Missiti Cam vanishes, but with a trace
Interview With Black Materia part I

Rudd Lives
Get Ready For a Gender Bending Winter!
Despair For Men, ‘half the man you used to be’
Diet Pepsi and the Champion
I Am In Love With a Video Game Character!
Hotmail Turns Evil
Pay For Placement
I Wish For You to Tell Me the Great Stories
Forget Advertising
eFront icq logs at the forefront of emedia

Gumdrop Mag (microblog / zine / mostly music related)

Battle Beneath the Earth
Cinnamon Toast
How to Improve Your TV Watching Experience Overnight
Little Fevers

On a Summer Weekend in 1963 in 1990 – A Tribute to Shag
Because It’s Boss
Whose Got the Cuckoo?
Dreamsnake II
They’ll Huff and They’ll Puff and They’ll Blow Your House Down
Simon Says
We’re Not Expecting Rainbow Colored Skies
Be My Guest
The Ambushers
Signs of Age
The Next Time
Magic Wands
Go Ask Alice, When She’s Ten Feet Tall
Yipe Stripes
We All Live For the Sun
Baby That’s All You Do, and Then You’re a Black Belt Too
Thru Spray Colored Glasses
The Palace Guard – Falling Sugar
Pretty World
Beatnik’s Wish
It’s a Mod Mod World
Majestic 12 – Nothing On TV